Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sledgehammer Games Introduces a new era of Call of Duty

It was announced last year that Sledgehammer Games, which is the developer that helped Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare 3, would become part of the rotation of Call of Duty yearly releases. There has been a lot of questions circling what Sledgehammer would be doing, as to what exactly their entry would be, if it was just the continuation of the ever popular Modern Warfare series, or if they would take it in a completely different direction. Well, the answer is finally here, and it's mostly not that suprising. Modern Warfare is Infinity Ward's, it has always been theirs, and it will always be theirs. So, Sledgehammer has a completely new playground to create whatever they want and slap the Call of Duty name on it. They have chosen the futuristic look at Para-Military groups called Advanced Warfare.

If it sounds familiar that's probably because Ghost Recon had a franchise called Advanced Warfighter, so while I can't give them props for originality with that, I can say that they have created a game that doesn't look like Black Ops or Modern Warfare. From the trailer Advanced Warfare is looks to bring a lot to the campaign of Call of Duty that has never been there before. But, the footage does make the game look like it is pulling from a lot of other shooters. The cloaking that can be seen was already popularized in Ghost Recon, the Para-Military angle looks really similar to that of the announced, and then never talked about Rainbow Six: Patriots. But that is going to happen, the real question is if it brings something new to the CoD formula that can make it worth checking out, and worth having a 3rd developer in the cycle. Well, it certainly looks that way, and Hi-Def Kevin Spacey doesn't look half bad either.

For those not sure what exactly a Para-Military group actually is, it is a private sector military unit. Meaning that it is not regulated by the Government,  they can be contracted out and make their own decisions as to what to fight for, or not for. I would imagine in this futuristic CoD entry there are certain groups vieing for power, and it is this groups job to keep order in the chaos. Find out more about a real life Para-Military group in the video below, and let's hope this CoD fairs better than Ghosts did.