Monday, April 7, 2014

Loot Crate promises that The Dragons Are Coming!

I've recently began subscribing to LootCrate, a service that sounds out a monthly geeky care package. Last month's theme was Titan featuring exclusive Titanfall themed items for the low price of $19.99 per month (that includes shipping.) I took a risk and went for it, I've been psyched for Titanfall since it was announced last year. The thing about LootCrate is that you never know what's going to be in the box, outside of the theme. So when my first LootCrate arrived I was filled with giddy excitement. What was inside the box kind of blew me away. For the fee I got far more than what I paid for, including an exclusive Titanfall T-Shirt, Lanyard, button pin, Magnet, Recon Division wristband, a voucher for a free digital Prima Strategy Guide for Titanfall, 2 pieces of green candy for St. Patricks day, and an Attack on Titan Manga book. The candy tasted like crap, my daughter didn't even want the second piece, I don't read Manga so my friend inherited the book, but the rest of the box was pure gold.

This has prompted me to continue the subscription, and when I saw the theme was Dragon, I felt pretty awesome about hoping on when I did. My girlfriend and I are big fans of The Elder Scrolls (which LootCrate promises an exclusive item from The Elder Scrolls) and we recently became addicted to Game of Thrones makes the next Crate even better. LootCrate really seems to care about the quality of what goes into these tiny boxes. You can choose to pay ahead for your subscription or you can go monthly and cancel if a crate isn't to your liking. I'm not pushing the service, merely passing on the information for fellow games who would like to get some exclusive mystery swag shipped to their door. You can sign up here here are some past crates if you are wondering what other themes they have done.