Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Introduction to the Introduction

What is there really to say in an introduction. I could talk about myself and all of my lack of amazing accomplishments, but that would bore you tears, I promise it would. So, instead I will tell you a little bit about what can be expected from this blog. This blog will be an all inclusive glimpse inside my mind and my thoughts on various aspects of all things I find important. You, well you will read it, why? Because you can't help yourself, that's why. I will talk about Video Games, the Video Game Industry, Movies, Music, Life, Love, and Sexual Perversion.

But, I guess I probably could tell you a little about me, you would like that wouldn't you? Of course you would! Why, because I am amazing ( Can you feel the sarcasm reader? Can you feel it coursing through your body like a lifetime of bad decision making? It feels good doesn't it? It feels right, because it is right.) and you want a little glimpse into the amazing that is sure to come, sure as hellfire my friend. I'm 28 years old/youngish, I live in a small community of mainly mouth breathers, this was caused by years of inbreeding, and living under a vast expanse of power lines that only broke for the smoldering mountains of burning tires. It's quaint, quiet, and for the most part I don't feel like stabbing everyone in sight. I live in this settlement with my FiancĂ©e of 4 wonderfully chaotic rollercoaster years. She is but a light at the end of weird tunnel, and I am but a traveler through that tunnel cursing about how the tunnel has knocked out the reception of my favorite popular music station. Together we have a small child whom and must nurture and  feed the fruits of knowledge, and together we hope to not screw her up completely.

I started gaming when I was old enough to properly hold a rectangle controller and make a funny honest Italian plumber with a '70's porn 'stache trip on mushrooms, beat up innocent indigent wildlife, and save a princess from a giant fire breathing half T-Rex, half-turtle. This is why I have many insights that the Call of Duty brainwashed new generation of gamer lacks, I've watched this industry thrive and I've watched it push out enough turds to build a compost heap worthy of a Hippie's wet dream. I will talk about a variety of topics dealing with games, everything from my rage, to my love, to wondering if the girl that just entered the Multiplayer session is as hot as she sounds, or is she really like a Walrus beached on a twin sized bed.

I will also talk about Movies and TV, I am quite fond of those and I partake in the enjoyment of them often. Therefore, I have feelings about them, feelings I will share with you. I also will wax philosophic about life and love, in my mere 28 years of existence I have found that there are many who need my teachings, so desperately they suck at the teat of my knowledge. You will receive that knowledge Free of Charge, but with a small nominal involuntary fee. So, if this hasn't turned your brain to mush, the continue on fellow traveler we will experience the road of life together through the typed word, and a monitor, and a vast expense of wired wireless networks that are monitored by your friendly neighborhood NSA office.

Your new best friend